Vietti Products : Certified, All Natural. Proof that it's better.

Vietti invested in the ingredients and special preparation necessary to be certified as "all natural." If your chili label doesn't say, "all natural," it's not Vietti. Does that make us better than "them?" Well, yes. It does.

Now with an easy pull-tab. Just bring your own spoon.

Meet The Four Chili Styles.

People are funny about their chili. It's a personal choice. We'll introduce you to the four Vietti Chili styles. It's up to you to find your own true taste.

Chili with Beans
The Original.
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Chili Mac
Chili with a twist.
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Beef in BBQ Sauce
Beefed up barbecue.
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Hot Dog Chili Sauce
The saucy dog gets a kick.
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Chili No Beans
No Beans About It
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Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce Chili with Beans
Chili with a kick.
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Pork in BBQ Sauce
Fork the pork.
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